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FACTSLocal Search Grew over 200% in the last 5 years.

The amount of people that are turning to search grows each day and right now 97% of searches are for local businesses or local services.  Right now there is 3 smart devices to 1 computer / laptop.  Next year it is said that number is going to grow to 4 smart devices to 1 computer/laptops.

About 6% of all Internet users conduct a local search each day.

Over 320 million people search Google in a day!  That means about 215 million are on some type of smart device   By adding your business to Google Maps, your business is going to be found by new and interested customers.

Frequently local searches are done all across the USA.

More local business searches are being conducted without a specific business in mind.  The Internet is showing that more research is being done online in the early stage of the search process.

Relevant and trusted local search.

60% or more of the local search results in relevant and are the most trustworthy results.  Today people trust the local results online and that is another reason to add your business to maps!

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