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Published on October 1, 2012 by in Maps Listing

Google’s Map’s is shown almost 70% of the time when a search is done.  Google Map’s now shows 30 times more local business searches then the old, but not used, Yellow Pages.  The statistics lead us to believe that Google Map’s gets over 200 million searches each day and the regular Google search gets around 100 million searches each day.  What we see is any business can now compete and it’s crucial now more than ever to be on the first page of the Google Map’s.

Google Map’s really has leveled the playing field.  With that being said, we are here to get you in the game at a budget that any start-up business can afford.  We do the work to take your business right to the top of the most searched place in the world.

With 3 years of test, studies, and understanding today’s local listing technology your business is going to lead on top of the Google Map’s.  We are the number one choice when it comes to cost and professional service.  This is your opportunity to get the best local Exposure!

Yes, the map listing is free however; if any errors are made you have now lost all hope of being on the top page before your listing comes up.  Than if that is not enough pressure on you… If you do not know what to do with your listing once it is live, you’re truly wasting time.  I am sure you’re an expert in your business but, can you risk not hiring an expert in the local map listings service?  Trust me when I say our fee is going to pay for its self.  Each growing day a number of businesses are listed by Google or claimed by businesses in your local area.  The only thing you might have going for you is that they think they can do it themselves. Once you get a  taste of this traffic your not going to want to lose it.  Mapsbiz only does map listings marketing.  We control your map listings, insuring that all of them appear on the first page of a map search.  If you want to keep the competitors below you then make sure a professional handles your map listings.

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