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As a business owner, you’re probably always thinking of how you can attract more local consumers.  You need to Google-Maps-LOCAL BUSINESS ON THE top page of your local searchstart paying attention to local maps search results.  Google, right now, is the dominant place to be found for your local Google search.  The Google local maps show local businesses to millions of people that are actively looking for local services and products.  When someone in your neighborhood is doing a search for a specific product or service they are most likely a buyer.  In today’s fast-paced society, the majority of shoppers are looking for the best deal and don’t want to wait.  The closest and fastest results on the Internet that fulfill these potential customer/clients needs is to search from the smart device/phone and that device is going to list the maps to them.  So, if you are not listed on the top page of the maps how can you compete?

We Don’t Just Get your Local Business on the Maps!

Lately when we do a search on “Google Search” we sometimes see parts of the map and sometimes we only see the organic results. When asking our Google representative about this we only hear a reply that means they are still working out all the bugs.  The way we take that reply is they are working on mixing in the local results and they are doing that by using the local map results.  This is only our guess to what they are doing.  You can do searches to see what we are talking about.   Sometimes you can see 1 map listing mixed into an organic search and others time you can 3, 6, 7 and even up to 9 map listings.  Normally we see  3 maps in an organic result.  So, with that our goal is to get your listing to the “A” spot of all the map listings  (no one can guarantee top listing in Google).  If your business is not on the maps now or is and not on page 1 then you really are nowhere to be found and most liking you are not going to get any business from your map listing.

If you truly want “top spot” then you should hire a professional to handle your local search results.  We get “top spot” listings all the time, even if our client does not have a website.  When you hear someone tell you that you have to a website that is Search Engine Optimized (SEO) to get listed or get a top listing on your local maps, they are only misleading you and looking to get more of your money.  If a company tells you that then I would guess they just do not know how to market a map listing.  The listing is not about your website, it’s about your listing exposure.

Business Owners and Office Managers pull out your Smart Phone and search for your company’s product or service on your Get found on the google map or other maps for your local business to be foundlocal Google map.  Are you on page one?  Page two? Now, ask yourself, will people find my business when searching for what we offer?  If you are not on page one then the answer is most likely not.  Look at page one of the map results and there you see your competition capitalizing on this premium traffic.  Remember Google does Geo-Targeting.  If you have a maps listing and when you do your keyword search on your smartphone make sure you’re not connected to WiFi.  For this test, we want to use only your cell phone carrier service.  This gives you the absolute best result.  If you’re on the maps your business should come up and show your like 3 ft (or something like that) from the business establishment.  Now, drive about 1 mile away and open a new browser and redo the test.  If your listing is not coming up then you need to hire us.  If you’re not top 3 in your search 20 miles away from your need to hire us.

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google bing maps marketing service for our local maps listing

Google populates search results based on their own complex algorithm.

When a search on Google is started, Google’s algorithms take over. Google’s goal is to provide you with the best local map listing of the businesses that fit your keywords you are searching for. Google technology is going to take us into the future of smart device business. moile searches are seen more then any other search local maps listing service

Google does from time to time change up the complex algorithms to improve results and fix any loopholes that black haters might exploit. We do not worry about Google changes. Why? Simple we don’t cheat or exploit Google’s algorithm. With over 17 years of online marketing and even before the day of Google we always just built your company’s identity and brand, Mapsbiz focuses on the basic Creations and Exposures to build your company’s Internet foundation and then we build from that point. So if your looking for a professional company to get and keep your listing on the 1st page then place your order now.

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